Shelters are at full capacity during severe winter weather

The winter weather is rough for everyone, but for those who are having a hard time making ends meet, this can be an especially rough time of year.

Homeless shelters around town see an increase in population during times of extreme weather.

The Salvation Army said they have seen an increase of about 15 percent because of the cold weather.

The Salvation Army has 240 beds but can accommodate more during extreme situations.

"Even those who have acted out or had some kind of problem where they can't stay with us, we allow them to come in during these cold nights, if it gets below 38 degrees. And we'll put cots out. We have about 80 cots that we'll pull out to expand our service," said Major Harvey Johnson.

Another Chance House is a men's shelter that offers long term and emergency housing.

They have 18 homes that house 69 men.

They are currently at full capacity. Unlike the Salvation Army, they are unable to accommodate more than the maximum amount.

"In fact, we just finished expanding to 69 with the completion of our Victory Duplex Projectâ?¦ It's hard to turn people away but then again, you're limited in what we can do and what we can provide," said Bobby Nixon, Another Chance House.