She lived in filth, and now she'll be on TV

Hoarders is on the A&E network.

She hadn't taken out her trash in six years and now she is scheduled to be featured on A&E's hit show Hoarders.

The episode, featuring a Canyon woman, identified only as Jan, airs tonight at 8, A&E's website said. Click here and scroll to "Dee/Jan" to see the preview.

"Jan admits she's a pushy, belligerent woman who's been living in filth for years," the show's description said. "She hasn't taken the trash out since 2006 and will go months without a shower. She's been given 15 days to clean up--or face eviction from her rental."

Amarillo based hoarding specialists Bio-Klenz, LLC, was a part of the clean up and said it was one of the worst houses they have ever had to help clean.

"It was bad," said Brandon Barber, owner.

Barber explained that the home was full of debris and hazardous waste that would be considered harmful to a person's immune system.

"It was completely unhealthy," Barber added.

Bio-Klenz entered the Canyon home in full hazmat safety suits last Dec. 15-18.

Jan, the woman whose home was being cleaned, was fed up with the living conditions, Barber said. Pronews 7 attempted to contact Jan but attempts were unsuccesful.

Barber estimated there are more than 300 hoarders living within the city of Amarillo.

"There are probably two or three living on every block," he said. "It's a huge epidemic."

Bio-Klenz operates out of Amarillo and covers a radius of 6 hours. The company does extreme cleaning, carpet cleaning, smoke odor removal, hoarding, human decomposition cleanup and suicide and homicide cleanups.

"We are highly excited," Barber said. "We are really hoping it will bring more community awareness."