Share the Road Needs Your Help

Share the Road is taking their mission outside the city limits, but they need your help to do so. The groups mission: to improve the safety of cyclists, runners, walkers and motorists on the road. TxDOT has decided to post the groups signs outside the city limits in 12 different locations that bicyclist travel along. But to do that, the group needs to raise $2500 to purchase those signs for TxDOT to put up.

"Share the Road will be making the purchase so we're out knocking on doors and talking to individuals and potential cooperate sponsors who share with us our vision of improving road safety for all users of the road. We're about 1/3 of the way there," said Kenneth Graham, President of Share of the Road.

For information on the group or how to donate the group has a website and facebook page which we have linked to their names.