Share the ROAD! asks for trail upkeep


he Share the ROAD! organization is urging Amarillo officials to consider turning the unofficial Old Soncy Road Trail into a designated area for bikers and runners.


his is a former road bed, it's now an unofficial trail although it is on the city's Hike and Bike plan so that does give it some official standing," said Share the ROAD! President Kenneth Graham. "It's a safe place to train for runners and walkers and bicycle riders because it's a continuous 3-mile stretch without any motorized vehicles on it."


hile the trail, located off Soncy Road and Amarillo Boulevard, has been used for the last 15 years, Graham said some regular maintenance needs to be considered for the area. Last week, Graham approached the Amarillo City Commission with some short and long-term goals for the trail. Short-term goals include weed control and mowing along the 3-mile stretch.


ong-term goals would be to see that trail heads are established during the route for 3 miles," said Graham. "It'd be nice to have defined parking areas and to have some distance markers put out as well."

One roadblock to the project is that the Texas Department of Transportation has "right of way" for the area, which allows TxDOT to use the road in the future.

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