Severe weather season is here

A severe weather outbreak across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri spawning tornadoes that have caused complete destruction. The Sooner state is dealing with leveled neighborhoods. Cities devastated by an outbreak of tornadoes. Carney, Edmond, and Shawnee hit Sunday night. The largest in Shawnee with meteorologist confirming it to be an EF-4 tornado. Storm chaser Amanda Burns says the devastation is unreal.

"We did go check on the town of Shawnee after that and do a little recon. There were cars flipped over and we checked those and make sure no one was there and the damage was pretty devastating," said Burns.

In Moore, neighborhoods leveled, Briarwood Elementary destroyed with children trapped and minor injuries.

"We normally get a peak during the months of April, May, June. That's the three months we see severe weather so May is usually the peak month. And as we head through the next few weeks and next month we're going to have to keep on guard," said Storm Search Seven Meteorologist, Brian James.

Our local American Red Cross chapter has yet to be called in to help in disaster relief, but are on standby. Already a crew was sent last week to Granbury, Texas to help.

"She's in Granbury and she's been busy the last few days doing mobile feedings. They're going around, they're starting to let people back in where the damage was. They're going around and taking them hot meals during the day. Initially bring in your local volunteers. If its too big for local volunteers to handle then you bring in people its kind of like a circles. You bring in people that are the next closed and the next closet," said Texas Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross, Martha Riddlespurger.

With advancements in technology, more lives are being saved with earlier warnings.

"We've gone to a lead time of 10 minutes for most severe weather events whether it's a severe weather warning or tornado warning to 15 minutes now because of the technology and upgrade rader for National Weather Service and of course we have our own rader as well," said James.

Brian also recommends you have a severe weather survival kit handy, a weather radio programmed to your county. Remember to get out of mobile home and get to the interior of a safe sturdy building.