Severe weather season calls for safety preparation

When it comes to weather, the panhandle is known for going from one extreme to another. It's for that very reason the National Weather Service hosted a severe weather workshop Saturday at the Civic Center.

The NWS said severe weather season is already underway and last until June.

"We just want the community, especially the public in general, to review their severe weather safety rules and be prepared as they go through the months ahead," said Todd Lindley National Weather Service Science and Operations Officer. "Certainly have a plan for your family in place, at home and know your safe areas."

In the coming months the NWS said we could be seeing large thunderstorms, hail, tornados and lighting.

"If you hear thunder, you should seek shelter in doors. Lighting of course is the number one danger hazard," said Lindley. "Also, in the event of a tornado warning for your location, seek shelter, of course below grounds is best."

In the event of severe weather, countless people like our Pronews 7 weather team and the Office of Emergency Management work to keep you safe and informed. You can register with Nixel, Ready America, get a weather radio, and other sources to get alerts when severe weather hits.

"Make sure you have three different ways to get warning in case one does fail," said Maribel Martinez OEM. "Your weather radio, sirens, text alert, voice call alerts and make sure your family knows what to do for severe weather at your at school, at a business, or at home."

Those were just a few of safety tips that were available to the public. Families said the most important thing they learned was to listen and never underestimate the panhandle weather.

"Take cover, never be by a window and stay inside at all times when there's a tornado," said Angel Amarillo Citizen.

No matter if its rain, snow, sleet, hail or tornadoes, our Pronews 7 weather team and National Weather Service has the coverage you want.

You can always get live weather update coverage with our school net sites.