Severe weather brings down iconic billboard

An iconic billboard off Western St. and Olson was knocked down to severe weather Tuesday night.

"A little before 6 we were waiting on a customer and my sales associate actually went to open up the overhead door to get ready for him because the winds were really really strong," said Vice President of Texas Blue Lake Pools Shannon Martin. "We all came running and that's when we saw the billboard was actually falling down."

And the destruction didn't end there.

"The radio tower fell, the wires all started snapping, then they started bouncing down in the water and bouncing on the ground," said Martin. "It just sounded like sparks."

The building and surrounding areas were also affected.

"Damage to the two pools was probably around $12,000," said Texas Blue Lake Pools Owner Joe Jones. "Damage to the rest of the building is pretty massive. All the skylights were knocked out and back windows were knocked out."

The business owner managed to find the silver lining.

"One thing that did stand up is the slide that was on the top of it, everybody that's been around Amarillo has seen that slide for 30 some odd years, and it's always been at the top of our billboards," said Jones.

The long-time Amarillo fixture was never deemed an icon until after the storm.

"I didn't think of it as iconic until people started checking on us, asking if we were safe. They couldn't believe our iconic billboard was down," said Martin.

Texas Blue Lake Pools said they plan to put the iconic billboard back up soon.

"The slide will go back up, absolutely," said Martin.