Severe storms cause damage throughout Panhandle

The severe weather that has been passing through the Panhandle has left a path of destruction and tons of damages in its trail.

According to Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Brian James, the area started getting wind gust that were going 60 miles per hour in many areas.

â??It caused some damage to power poles, power lines, roofs,â??said James. â??The biggest concern for most of the High Plains has been these incredible strong winds.â??

The winds caused many trees to fall and many wires to fall down leaving thousands without power.

â??We have wind damage all over town, tree limbs down and wires down and some broken poles so currently weâ??re seeing about 6,500 without power,â?? said Wes Reeves of Xcel Energy. â??Hopefully most of those will be restored in the overnight hours.â??

James said the storms will continue to come. However, the energy that is in the atmosphere will continue probably into this evening.

â??Overnight tonight the storms will quiet down, the dry line will push back to the West,â?? said James.

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