Service dog disagreement at local Toot'n Totum

Kayla Bradley said her husband Christopher Bradley, a military veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was asked to leave Toot'n Totum #67 off 45th and Georgia after he tried to enter with his service dog. The convenience store said the customer chose to leave on his own.

The family's dog, Sadie, is a service dog that assists Mr. Bradley with his PTSD and other brain related injuries.

"He had been told he could not get a coke and him and our service dog, Sadie, were not allowed to come into the store," said Kayla Bradley. She says she tried to contact Toot'n Totum. They have not returned her calls.

Pronews 7 spoke with the convenience store about the incident.

"The gentleman is a frequent guest at our store and comes in several times a week with his animal and has always been allowed in with his animal. Unfortunately, he came in at a time when the people that were working did not know him and they questioned him about his animal," said Toot'n Totum's Director of Communication Melinda Batchelor.

Bradley said her husband was questioned, then turned away.

"He asked if it was a service dog, my husband said yes, he said you don't look blind you don't need a service dog," said Bradley.

Toot'n Totum representatives said the manager on duty indicated that the dog was not wearing proper service identification.

"He didn't identify his dog as being a service animal when he walked in. And our manager questioned him about the dog," said Batchelor.

But Bradley says that isn't proper protocol.

"By law they're still not suppose to question, they're suppose to ask if it's a service dog and that's suppose to be the end," said Bradley.

The Americans with Disabilities Act also states that you may not insist on proof of certification before permitting a service animal to accompany a disabled person.


lthough Bradley says the store has not contacted her directly, they did offer a statement to her husband via Facebook saying:

"Upon hearing about this event, we immediately posted an apology to Mr. Bradley and we stand behind that apology. Our policy is to always allow service animals."

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