Serious threats allegedly made by high school student

Tulia Police are investigating serious threats allegedly made by one high school student to fellow classmates.

Pronews 7 spoke with school administrators and police. They said charges could be filed against the student.

"This is still under investigation and the Tulia Police are investigating," said Jadie Matthew, Tulia High School Principal.

Tulia's Police Chief confirmed the department is investigating the alleged threats made by a male student this week, and possibly as far back as last year. Right now, the department is talking with students to figure out if charges will be filed, since as of now, everything is just 'hear-say.'

The student who allegedly made these threats was taken in for questioning and has not be arrested. Rumors were started of a possible hit list, but the police department wants to assure parents that it's not true.

Meantime, the high school said they've taken measures to ensure the safety of all students on its campus.

"We're taking every possible measure to make sure our school is safe," said Matthew. "Parents can feel secure that their students are going to be safe here at the school. It's a good school and it's a safe school,"

As of now, further details into the incident are not being released.

"I can't get into details, the police are investigating, and I can't get into details," said Matthew.

We're told the investigation could take several weeks.