Senior citizens promote health and wellness among peers

A report released by the Office of Management and Budget shows that senior citizens are now living longer lives. Since 1980, they are living at least 6 years longer.

National Institutes of Health say that a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise are helping add years to the clock.

Foods low in cholesterol and fat are helping fight the effects of heart disease and cancer among seniors."It gives you a lot of the nutrients to make you feel better, and gives you more energy so that you can go out and do the things that you need to do", says Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Marge Dean.

The Amarillo Senior Citizens Association has started "Let's Move!", an exercise program to help promote exercise in the elderly community. "We use weights, chair yoga, stretchy bands, and then we walk. And the walking we do you can either stand up or you can sit in you chair", says program instructor, Charlene Cole.

The cost is $1 for members, but newcomers can attend 2 free sessions before enrolling in the class.

While seniors are living longer, they aren't necessarily healthier. The Office of Management and Budget report says that over 40% of seniors are considered obese in the U.S.

"People are living longer and you don't want to just live longer, you want to live healthier, and have the energy to enjoy life and have some quality of life," says Dean.