Senior citizens center hosts fundraiser

Hilltop Senior Citizens Association held a bake sale Saturday to raise funds that will continue to provide food to the elderly.

The non-profit center is facing tough times and its executive director said without the help of the community, the center could be shut down.

"We have games and activities that make people come in, card games," Iris Lawrence said. "A lot of them come in and play dominos and then exercise class."

Meals are delivered to senior citizens throughout the community who cannot get out of their homes.

"Most of the senior citizens who come here come here to eat," Lawrence said. "Our food program is through Agency On Aging, which is a government-sponsored program. They prepare the meals out at Bivins Memorial. We feed in-house."

Many involved in the bake sale feared Saturday's snowy, foggy weather would keep supporters in their homes. But according to Lawrence, there was a great turnout of people wanting to buy cakes, pies, breads and candies.

"We have also generated donations today. And, so, we haven't had a chance to tally anything, but from the looks it looks pretty good. We might be able to pay some bills now."

The Hilltop board will meet again soon to discuss other fundraising ideas.

Lawrence added any donations the public would like to make would be "extremely helpful."

Food and games are offered at Hilltop Senior Citizens Association every Monday through Friday at 1311 N. Taylor.