Seliger files three bills to the legislature

Kel Seliger introduces three bills to the Texas legislature

AMARILLO -- Texas state Senator Kel Seliger filed three bills on issues that effect the panhandle and state according to a news release from his office on Tuesday.

The bills address funding a new Texas water plan, public education and state welfare programs.

According to Senate Bill 224 monies from the Rainy Day Fund would be made available for use by the Texas Water Development Board through the use of loan financing to fund a new water plan for the state.

Seliger also submitted an education bill, SB 225 that will address changes in the curriculum and end-of-course assessment requirements for high school graduation.

Amarillo representative Kel Seliger, who chairs the senate higher education committee, introduced a bill scrapping current graduation requirements mandating that students take four years each of math, science, english and social studies.

Instead, students would take four credits in English, three in Math and Social Studies, and two in Science and foreign language.

They would also have to take a Fine Arts credit and one in physical education. As well as ten elective credits.

Instead of fifteen exams in core subjects, students would need to pass five tests in Reading, Algebra one, U.S. History, Writing and Biology.

Senate Bill 11, which Sen. Seliger is a co-author will make changes in the administration and operation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.