Center City uses create art fest to help make Amarillo cultural destination

Create art fest aims to help make Amarillo cultural destination.

Often times the environment that a person is in can add to their growth, and creativity is expressed in more ways than just one.

"I see certain things, certain colors and I instantly get an idea [and] jot it down," local artist, Shanda O'Neill said.

O'Neill says she's been pursuing her art career for 10 years.

"It's definitely the first thing on my mind whenever I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep," she said.

O'Neill takes any chance she gets to showcase her work throughout Amarillo.

"A lot of us are really young and up and coming, and it's a really good free event to the public so we can show off our work," O'Neill said. "Otherwise, a lot of us just stack up our artwork inside home offices, or wherever we do our work when we don't have a venue to show them."

"My little town back home in Ohio doesn't really have many events like this, so it's just a beautiful thing to see the community get together and support creativity," festival attendee, Dalton Snell said.

"Last year we were designated as a cultural district from the Texas Commission of Arts and we're trying to put Amarillo on the map, literally, as a cultural destination," City Center of Amarillo Executive Director, Beth Duke said.

Though O'Neill says she feels Amarillo can be more conservative toward artists, she still appreciates feedback.

"I just kind of let the art speak for itself, and make sure it's bright and vibrant and sends a message," O'Neill said.

And with the City Center setting out to expand minds, experienced and inexperienced, beyond their boundaries, art and anything of creative nature may continue to blossom here in Amarillo.

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