Sears promotes National Safety Weekend

When you think about Sears, you probably picture washing machines, dishwashers, and tools galore. You probably don't imagine ambulances, hummers and firetrucks.

But an ambulance and Humvee were exactly what was parked outside Sears this weekend as part of their "National Safety Weekend" awareness event.

"It really does help promote awareness is the community, to realize that there are safety issues out there and how to prepare for those safety issues and to combat those safety issues", said Sears Brand Central Lead, Kathie Allison.

Groups like the Amarillo Fire Department, Randall County Sheriff's Department, Amarillo Ambulance Medical Services and even Marine Reserves all participated in the awareness event.

"We're just out here kind of talking to the community about what we do and how we contribute to safety here", said Corporal Nicholas Porter with US Marine Corps.

"They showed them the equipment, they were there to answer questions", said Allison.

"We just brought the Humvee out. It kind of draws attention especially with the kiddo ' s and whatnot you know. It's a good draw for them. We just kind of let them climb all over it. We'll answer any questions they have", added Cpl. Porter.

Not only did customers get to see the equipment, for once, they also got to see the faces behind it.

"It's important for us to humanize ourselves, to put a face on what we're doing for y'all and how we interact with the community ", said Cpl. Porter.

B ecause at the end of the day , your safety is their number one concern.

"If they've never had a chance to visit or interact with anything like that it just helps. The more knowledge you have, the better off you are. The safe we hope you will b e", added Allison.