Schools hire liaison officers for added security. How are they hired?


ince the
Sandyhook elementary school shooting, schools all over the country are putting more emphasis on school safety. Schools are installing security cameras, securing entrances and hiring liaison officers.


Independent School District, like many others, have a liaison officer at their schools.


hey're here to protect. And its the security in knowing that someone is here. Its always good to know that someone's here if someone should come in that, we're somewhat protected from someone who carries a firearm, if you will

," said Rick Davis, principal of Bushland High School.

Bushland ISD

works with the
Potter County sheriff's department to have an officer present on the three schools in the district.

Officers in the sheriff's department applied and those applications were reviewed by the district.


he principals of each campus went down and interviewed the liaison officers, or potential
SRO officers down at the sheriff's department," Davis said.


he liaison officers go through a background check when they are employed by the sheriff's department.
There are no additional checks to become a liaison officer.



e go back and we even check with neighbors. sometimes even schools, sometimes we go to their best friends... whoever they put on there.
We want to talk to them, we want to find the most out about this person. The job they're going into isn't just a normal job. we want to make sure we have the right person," said Brian Thomas with the Potter County Sheriff's Department.


he liaison officers are employed by the schools but are still officers within the sheriff's