School zone speeders face hefty fines

A marillo schools start in less than a week and law enforcement wants to remind you early to prepare for school zones or be ready to pay a hefty fine.

A ccording to a statewide survey, anyone caught speeding an average of 10 miles an hour over the posted speed limit in a school zone, can expect to pay a fine of $211, its lower in Amarillo at 185 dollars.

P olice say fines are a good deterrent, but not as important as the lives you may save by slowing down.

"J ust be alert and be aware that some kids are very excited, they're ready to get back and see their friends and get started in school and they just aren't going to be looking for traffic and that's what we need to do as drivers, " says Amarillo police spokesperson, Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

He added that officers pretty much have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to speeders in school zones.