School funding still a sticky issue

Jim Chadwell, the Superintendent of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD visited Region 16 last week to lobby for legislative change concerning school funding.

Heâ??s looking ahead to January 21st when State District Judge John Dietz will reopen a trial on financing.

The last Legislative Session produced $3.4 billion dollars in additional educational funding but some say thatâ??s still not enough.

So Dietz will hear evidence to determine if the amount is Constitutional.

While adequate funding is an issue, the equitability of distribution is constantly being questioned.

Chadwell says, "The school funding system is set up on basic allotment and when they changed it, they put in compressed rate."

Based on what schools were taxing compared with the maximum rate, if you were taxing lower than the rate youâ??d get extra funding from the additional state aid for tax reduction, or ASATR.

That goes away in 2017.

State Senator Kel Seliger doesnâ??t believe funding is equitable, but doesnâ??t believe ASATR is equitable either. "Target revenues set target and if local tax levis donâ??t come up the state kicks in money. It has a bias toward rapid growth school districts."

Chadwell wants legislators to get rid of compressed funding.

Heâ??s asking for basic allotment for everyone.