Saving dollars at the doctor's office

As new health care changes kick in in 2014 you may have noticed you are getting discount cards for you to take to the pharmacy for medications, but do they really save you money?

You may notice changes to your health care plan have kicked in and that means you may have different co-pays or drug coverage compared to last year.

Marla Irvin is a pharmacist who says the cards can help save you money by giving you discounts on some medications, but those cards are not likely an advantage over your own plan if you do have prescription coverage under your health care plan.

Irvin says if bring both your plans card, and a discount card to the pharmacy, they can run both to see which will get you a better deal.

If you do not have health insurance and prescription coverage, when it comes to the discount programs offered on the cards, those programs will not get a better deal than just a regular cash price at the pharmacy.

Discount cards are a good conversation starter with your pharmacist, and if you get more than one in the mail feel free to bring in any or all of them for comparison.