Savannah waits for a big sister

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program has been around since 1961, matching kids with adult mentors. Every Tuesday, Pronews 7 introduces you to a Panhandle little looking for their big. This week, we meet nine-year old Savannah.

Savannah is a fourth grader at Emerson Elementary. A bright young lady who says she loves school. Her favorite subjects are Math, Reading, and Science. Just like any typical girl, her big sister better be ready to jam out to some good music.

"I like to listen to music. What's your favorite kind of music? Mostly Taylor Swift and some Luke Bryan songs," said Savannah.

Besides listening to music, she's hoping her big sister is up for some games. "I would like to do is like me and her color and stuff and that's what I would like to do with a big sister like that and also that we would play and share."

When asked why she wants a big sister? "I'm nice and I help my mom and my grandparents and I share with my brother and sisters."

If you would like to volunteer to be Savannah's big sister or just volunteer in the program, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 351-2210.