Sanford citizens fight to keep their post office

Back in July, the U.S. Postal Service announced it was doing a study on about 3,700 of its branches.

It wanted to make sure they were answering the needs of its customers.

One of the branches that could be affected is the one in Sanford, in fact, it's possible that one could be closed.

"For the citizens here, if they lose their post office they almost lost their identity."

Last Thursday, there was a public meeting at the post office to discuss some other options in case the Sanford branch were to close.

One is a rural route, and the other would to be manage that mail out of Fritch and make that zip code theirs.

"It's not that the town would cease to exist but that's a big deal for the residents who've been there for years. As well as convenience, there are some home bound citizens that spoke at the meeting and they wouldn't have any way to get their mail."

Kelly Tull says some of the citizens felt the post office was just giving them lip service and not listening to what they had to say, but she hopes that isn't the case.

"I hope they really listened to what the people had to say. Some information was learned that had we known what we known now we would have been doing things different all along and maybe our post office wouldn't have landed on a disclosure study."

Both options the town is facing would mean more travel and less face to face service.

"Our biggest thing is the closest post office for face to face service is going to be 10-12 miles away and for some people in such a disadvantaged community, that's going to tax them even further."

One thing Tull says could really be dangerous is weather-related.

She says the extreme Panhandle temperatures could ruin a lot of medications that are delivered by mail.

That could be an unfortunate reality with a post office that isn't operated by human beings.

Whatever the decision is on the Sanford Post Office, when it comes down, the citizens will have the opportunity to appeal.

Which Kelly Tull says they most definitely will do.