Sam Houston students excel in subjects to boost college education

Area schools are integrating programs that are helping push students toward achieving a higher education. Sam Houston Middle School is one of those is one of those by forming a program called Magnet years ago.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are key subjects that make up the magnet program. For teachers they said it's important for these subjects to be taught at a higher level to these 21st Century learners. Pronews 7 is featuring the program in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Sam Houston Middle School is one of many schools in Amarillo Independent School District that are considered a No Excuses Campus, meaning there's no excuses for not going to college. With that motto in mind, students are taking part in the school's magnet program.

"The No Excuses Program and Magnet Program go hand and hand. Both of them are trying to get our students ready for college some beyond college," said magnet and 7th grade Science teacher, Kami Thomas.

"In Math we're going a little more above our grade level so we can get better grades in high school and college," said 7th grade student, Jillian Johnson.

"One of the reasons its important is because as you look at the industry you look into the world you see and no matter what country we're talking about technology, science, math, they're a big deal. We want to be the ones producing the students who are going to be the next person that could cure cancer or whatever it is," said Thomas.

300 students participate in the program. They said it gives them a place to channel their energy on their future, which is their number one priority and be around like minded peers.

"All the other kids that we get to interact with and everybody minds, its really amazing," said 8th grade student, Heather Herrera.

Many of the students start the magnet program at Carver Elementary Academy. Thomas herself was once a magnet student. She said it's what helped her fall in love with Science and Math and she hopes to instill that same love in other students.

"It was one of the reasons I love being in the magnet program. It's something that allowed me to love Science and I try to bring that love to my students as well," said Thomas.

Many of these students will continue to expand their education and knowledge and enroll in the engineering technology program at AACAL.

Right now, Sam Houston is enrolling students interested in the program and it doesn't necessarily have to be students who go to Sam Houston or Carver. For information, click here.