Salvation Army to open cooling stations

T he Salvation Army of Amarillo will begin opening their cooling stations as a relief effort for the anticipated high heat this summer.

When the temperatures reach the triple digits the doors to the Men's, Women's and Family Shelters, and the Social Services lobby at the Harrington Hope Center facility will be open to those seeking to cool down. That heat could be life threatening to the city's homeless or indigent population.

On weekends, the 3 shelters will continue to be open and receive guests who want to get some relief from the blazing heat.

"Don't hesitiate...come to us. Come first, ask later, that's the best resposne. Because with the heat, and with the wonderful weather we've had, after this winter, I have a feeling the summer's going to be the same, in the other extreme," said Major Tim Grider with the Salvation Army.

Major Grider says he'll keer an eye on the thermometer,and this weekend, he'll open the doors if it gets that hot.

For more information or to find out how you can donate and help cool down the people of the Panhandle call 373-6631.