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      Salvation Army in need of Christmas season volunteers

      The Salvation Army is sticking to its slogan, 'Doing the Most Good' this year as it expands its application assistance to Canyon residents for the 2013 Christmas Assistance Program.

      T he organization set its goal to help nearly 600 families this year and families can already apply for the program .

      F or an organization that helps thousands of families throughout the year, Catherine Meck, said it takes more than just the Salvation Army to create something special during the Christmas season.

      " T he Panhandle does have families that need assistance during the christmas holidays." Meck said. "We do need different things throughout the year, but this is a special time to get the community involved."

      T he Christmas Assistance Program helps families in need during the holidays with three different options within the program including Teen Christmas, Holiday Meals and the Angel Tree.

      " T he Angel Tree assistance program is just a wonderful program." When we receive the presents off the angel tree, the presents are then taken to the Rex Baxter building where just the parent goes in and gets those presents," Meck said.

      Teen Christmas provides teenagers with gift certificates to Walmart, but to meet this year's goal of helping 600 families, the Salvation Army needs volunteers.

      " M ost people don't realize this but we do have to pay bell ringers to fill in the time. So really, to be able to come out and volunteer as a team, or a group, it's a lot of fun," Meck said.

      The organization will be taking applications for the Christmas Assistance Program all week.