Salvation Army feeds Thanksgiving meal to less fortunate

Cynthia Dorsey, Amarillo local, enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal Thursday, one she might not have had if it were not for the Salvation Army.

The same can be said for many homeless or less fortunate people right here in Amarillo, and that's something the Salvation Army was determined to change. On Thanksgiving, they served a meal at lunchtime and around dinner time for those in need.

"Just share in fellowship that's what today is all about just to stop, to feed the stomach and hopefully uplift some hearts and some souls and feed that need, too," said Major Tim Grider with the Salvation Army.

W arm meals consisting of turkey, dressing and plenty of dessert at the Salvation Army's Thanksgiving lunch did just that but not, of course, without the help of the community.

"Each year, we ask and receive," said Major Grider. "People bring us whatever we've asked for so again, it's because of them that this is happening today."

Through that one meal, the large room of people became a sort of family.

"A lot of course would go hungry. They would be out on the streets and it's just a warm place to come to and know that there is caring people," said Dorsey. "It's always a great pleasure to have a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family."

"This is something we can't shut down, we can't stop doing this," added Grider. "We have to continue doing this."

For that, Dorsey is grateful because even in tough times, there's always something to be thankful for.

"Learn to be thankful for everything that God has provided for us ," Dorsey said, " that God has done in our life."

"That's the whole purpose, " said Major Grider. "T hat's Thanksgiving ."