Salvation Army appeals for holiday help

Around this time of year, itâ??s hard to miss the ubiquitous red kettles for the Salvation Army that seem to be outside every storefront. But you may not know how crucial those humble kettles are to the Salvation Armyâ??s continuing efforts to lend a hand to those who need a hand.

â??Any time you can drop anything into the red kettle, itâ??s a great help and it helps us,â?? said Major Ann Johnson of the Salvation Army. â??Itâ??s amazing how the one-dollar bills and the change adds up to help us out in a very tremendous way. That money goes to help keep the homeless shelter open, helps to feed people that are hungry, helps to pay rent and utilities to people that one needing assistance to keep them from becoming homeless.â??

Maj. Johnson says the kettle campaign is actually about $20,000 below normal this year, so they need and appreciate all the help they can get. And if you canâ??t give money, you can give time, as the Salvation Army is always in need of volunteers.

Just call (806) 373-6631 or follow the link attached to this story to learn more.