Salvation Army Angel Tree

Hundreds of children across the panhandle may not have any presents under the tree Christmas morning, unless you and hundreds of others become an angel for the holidays.

Once again, the Salvation Army has put up its Christmas tree near center court at Westgate Mall. 1,950 boys and girls have paper ornaments hanging from the tree that you can pick up anytime in the next couple weeks. You can check out what each child wants for Christmas,buy it, then return it.

Major Tim Grider with the Salvation Army said "We don't necessarily want to have high numbers of children needing assistance but we're here to help and these children need it. With all that coming together, we can get these children adopted off the tree and help us help them make Christmas better for families in need."

The angles can be picked up at the Christmas tree and the presents returned through December 11th at the mall. After that, you can still pick one up at the Salvation Army's main office at 400 South Harrison in time to be an Angel for a special child this Christmas.