Ryan Leaf to serve time in Texas Prison

"Movie star or sports star, the rules are the same for everybody. He's had enough chances and I hope the judge will send him to prison," said Randall County District Attorney James Farren.

Farren said he's working to put the former NFL Quarterback and WT Quarterbacks Coach behind bars for the charges he pled guilty to in Randall County in 2010.

"We're either going to find a magistrate in Montana who will handle the case there, or we're going to extradite him back here and ask Judge Board to sentence him here," said Farren. "We intend for him to answer to the charges in Texas because we believe he has violated the terms and conditions of his probation."

In Montana, Leaf was accused of burglary and drug activity.

In a plea deal, he pled guilty to the charges, and agreed to enter into a drug treatment program.

"He did not successfully complete the drug treatment program, according to the report we have from Montana he threatened one of the counselors there and was busted out of the program," said Farren. "He has been sentenced to prison in Montana. It is our understanding that he is looking at three or four years."

A Texas provision allows a judge from another state to sentence Leaf under Texas law.

If the judge finds him guilty, Leaf is likely to face a longer sentence in Texas

"He is looking at a number of different third and second degree charges," said Farren. "A third degree charge carries a sentence from two to ten years in prison. A second degree charge carries a sentence of two to 20 years in prison."

Farren said that whether in Texas or Montana, Leaf will serve time for the charges he faces in Randall County.

Ryan Leaf's Montana sentence will be completed there.

He will then be brought back to Texas to serve time for the second and third degree felony charges he faces.