Roosevelt County residents urged to boil water

The New Mexico Environment Department has issued a water advisory after evidence of a bacteria contamination was found in a routine sample collection.

E. Coli was detected in the system on August 7, 2013 and residents have been urged to boil water prior to consumption. To properly boil water for consumption, bring the water to a rigorous boil for five minutes prior to drinking, showering, dishwashing and bathing.

The positive presence of the E.coli bacteria indicates that the water may have come in contact with sewage or animal waste.

According to the NMED, most strains of E. Coli are harmless however, the presence of the bacteria may indicate the presence of dangerous strains of E. coli or other disease-causing organisms.

The Roosevelt County WUA water system is located one mile from Portales New Mexico and serves approximately 3,780 residents. The boil water notice only applies to those who receive their water from this system.

For more information contact Morgan Nelson at (505)827-2176.