Roe vs. Wade anniversary sparks Amarillo protest

This year marks the 40 anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

The anniversary sparked national attention and protest, including Amarillo.

"They may have won by passing Roe vs. Wade, but we've been losing ever since," said Stephanie Frausto Respect Life Ministries Director. "We've been losing lives, we're losing marriages, we're losing families because of the legalization of abortion in our country."

Saturday people of all religions joined together in the defense for life.

The mass for life was hosted at St. Mary's Cathedral and celebrated by Bishop Patrick J. Zurek and priest from across the Texas panhandle.

"We've got to remain faithful to the fact that every life deserves respect and we have to do everything we can to dignify that respect," said Frausto. "This is what we do here in our local area in Amarillo, we walk and defend human life, we walk in defense of marriages and we walk in defense of families."

The crowd walked in silence, as they remembered the 54 million lives lost since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision.

The Amarillo Diocese challenged the community to acknowledge the facts and witness the testament of love and to show compassion.

"Roe vs. Wade and 40 years of that is such a shameful thing for the country," said Martha Brorman Pro-life activist. "So we will pray for life, that's what we Catholics do. We will pray for life, and we always will do that."

Officials say it's been a battle for years, but to defend every human life in the womb is the goal of these pro-life activists.

"Jesus came to bring us life, that we might live abundantly."

The walk was designed to be part of life walks going on across the country that signify unity and resemble the national march for life in Washington D.C.