Roadshow features handmade hippy antiques

The Junk Hippy Roadshow made its last appearance in Amarillo for the year with vendors from all over Texas, and even parts of Oklahoma.

Nearly 100 vendors gathered at the civic center today for the road show, but event coordinators said because of the recent change in weather some vendors were unable to make it.

This is the show's third time in Amarillo, which featured multiple local shops from 6th Street. The show focused on homemade goods and vintage beat-up antiques.

"We've been compared to a mixture of Round Top in Canton and Pinterest in one place." Kristen Grandi, event coordinator, said. "We have an awesome group of vendors. It's like a little junk family. We all love it. It's like your favorite cousins all together and they have really cool stuff."

The event also featured a live band throughout the day for shoppers.