Road work continues on SW 58th

Amarillo drivers have been complaining about the road construction on Hillside Road and on SW 58th for months.

However, there is a projected end to that work.

City workers and contractors have had a few hiccups while fixing the road that stretches between Georgia and Bill.

But now the city says the work should be done in August.

They say the recent blizzard slowed things down and soil conditions blocked work when they started Phase 3 on the East side of Western.

Now they say theyâ??re moving on and theyâ??re asking for patience.

Mark Read, Engineer for the City says, "I certainly understand when we go out and do construction that people get frustrated with the time it takes to do that, but unfortunately, weâ??re doing a complete reconstruction of that road.ã?? Itâ??s two miles worth of construction and that takes a while to do.

The City asks that drivers be careful of workers in that area.