River Road High School's cafeteria menu recognized for its healthy options

Americans are making healthier food choices when it comes to battling obesity. That includes school districts creating healthier menus for students. In fact, River Road High School is gaining attention for its menu. The high school has created a menu that's gained attention from the Texas Department of Agriculture. The Department's website recently featured a picture of the school's sub bar. Pronews 7 is featuring that accomplishment in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

River Road High School is not your normal school cafeteria. It's equipped with a fresh deli, fancy entrees, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, juices, basically anything your healthy heart desires.

"We use low fat meats and cheeses, fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. So the students are allowed to choose, make their choices as to what they want for the day," said Food Service Director, Kim Terry.

So why a healthier menu?

"We do have an obesity problem in America. And we're trying to teach our students healthy habits that are life long," said Terry.

"I like that they have the healthier option cause I mean its more filling and it taste better and its healthier so that's a plus," said River Road High School Sophomore, Michael Lewis.

In fact, some of the students said they've even lost weight from eating at the sub bar. They also said they're proud their school has something unique and is getting recognized for it.

"It makes me feel proud of my school because a lot school don't have healthy food options like we do," said River Road High School Sophomore, August Burke.

"It's pretty nice you get a wide variety and the sub bar just adds on to it. So its good," said River High School junior, Bradley Hudson.

Terry said the TDA's purpose for sharing photos of their sub bar was to help other state, school districts in making those healthier food choices for their campuses.