Rising concern over newest ethanol fuel blend

The AAA has released a warning for Americans filling up their tanks with gasoline.

The Environmental Protection Agency approved an increase in ethanol in gasoline from 10% to 15%, worrying car manufacturers about the longevity of car engines, among other things.

Ethanol 15, or E15, is meant for newer model vehicles as an alternative for pure gasoline. Ethanol 15 used in vehicles before 2001, and certain car models prior to 2007, could cause serious implications for car owners.

Critics argue that once gas stations sell E15, consumers will mis-fuel their cars, causing adverse affects that they may not be aware of. Many non-ethanol gas users also point out that their ethanol-free gas is less dependent on resources such as corn, potato, and sugar cane. Water consumption, amidst a drought, is also a concern for many residents across Amarillo.

Interstate Car Care, the only station in Amarillo to offer non-ethanol fuel, draws people from across the Panhandle to get gas that is hard to come by.