Riley waits for a big brother to step forward to volunteer their time

For more than 50 years, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program has been matching bigs with Panhandle littles. Every Tuesday Pronews 7 introduces you to one of those kids waiting to be matched.

This week, Pronews 7 is featuring Riley. Riley is a fourth grader at Mesa Verde Elementary. He says he enjoys school because he has the best teacher and love Math.

"Math. How come Math? Cause I get all the answers right," said Riley. He says he really enjoys reading books, with Captain Underpants being his favorite.

"It's about this kid who wears tighty whities," said Riley.

He also enjoys playing and watching baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals being his favorite team. When it comes to finding a big brother, he wants someone who's nice, will eat lunch with him at school and many other things.

"Play catch. What else? Race. Play board games, play baseball, play football." Riley says it's important for him to find a big brother, because while he has a real one, they don't get to live together so he misses out on having that big brother mentor. If you're interested in volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program you can them at 351-2210. They're always in need of male volunteers, and say they have a long waiting list of kids waiting.