Preliminary report for Rico Aviation crash reveals surveillance camera captured incident

Rico Aviation crash preliminary report reveals surveillance camera captured crash. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report Wednesday on the Rico Aviation plane crash that occurred April 28 near Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

According to NTSB's initial findings, the airplane crashed around 11:38 p.m., destroying the plane and fatally injuring the pilot, Robin Shaw, and two flight crew members, Misty Nicholson and Scott Riola. The flight was on its way to the Clovis Municipal Airport to pick up and transfer a patient to Lubbock, Texas.

Surveillance video from a nearby business recorded the plane descending at a high speed, followed by an explosion.

NTSB also revealed, the pilot's medical certificate dated January 19, 2017, had a recorded flight experience of 5,800 hours and 80 hours in the last six months. Investigators also analyzed weather data.

The airplane impacted a pasture adjacent to several stationary train cars and then caught fire. NTSB stated, all major structural components of the airplane were located within the wreckage, and the debris has been retained by investigations for further examination.

See the full report below:

There will be a community-wide memorial service held Thursday at Hillside Christian Church West Campus at 2:00 p.m.

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