Revitalized engineering building opens at WT

The building that was erected in 1942 and 1943 now has new classrooms and technology for engineering students.

Before revitalization, the classrooms had the 1940s look- chairs, desks, blackboards.

Now, every classroom is equipped with smart technology offering modern ways for the students to learn and communicate.

"We've got the projection systems, we're connected to the Internet," WTAMU President J. Patrick O'Brien said. "We can bring in experts from around the world into these classrooms to facilitate the learning on the part of our students. We can also take what we do here out to the rest of the world."

O'Brien pointed out the project could not have taken place without the help of the community.

"We couldn't grow as a university, we couldn't provide to students what we provide if it was not for the support that we receive from the community, from the companies that are in the area, the foundations and also from the state government and the work that our state representatives do."

Bell Helicopter CEO and President John Garrison was present to speak on behalf of his company.

"We've had a long-standing partnership with West Texas A&M and we utilize this school for engineers and for people at the plant. And, so, it's a very important part of our operation on a global basis and we want to come here and celebrate this incredible day of opening this great engineering building and facility."

According to Garrison, 25 students from WT have been hired by Bell Helicopter in the last few months.

"We hope to see many, many more graduates become Bell employees," Garrison stated, "so that we can take their talents around the globe."