Residents rallying together for '24 Hours in the Canyon'

11-year-old, Taylor Hatchcock has spent the last year and a half approaching complete strangers and asking them for money. After introducing herself, people normally give over a few dollars or loose change, for Hatchockâ??s cause. Her effort has led to $10,000 in donations for the 24 Hours in the Canyon Event.

â??Iâ??ll say â??Hi, my name is Taylor, Iâ??m fundraising for the Don Harrington Cancer Center 24 Hours in the Canyon. I was wondering if you would like to donate to help the cancer patients to get their chemotherapy or to help them if they need it,â??â?? Hatchcock explains. â??Iâ??m a big volunteer in this area and I just felt this in my heart to help. I know that I canâ??t help them like by donating anything, but I do donate my time to help raise money for them and let them know that they want to be cared about and that people do care about them.â??

The cycling event claims to be the only simultaneous 24 hour road and mountain bike event in the country. Its tag line is â??Cancer Doesnâ??t Sleepâ?¦ Why Should We?â?? and participant Chris Johnson, has signed up to make that 100 mile route for 24 hours in the competitive race in honor of his friend.

â??To combine my passion and my love, my hobby, to doing it for other people to help promote cancerâ?¦ hey cancer doesnâ??t sleep, so neither will we, for 24 hours,â?? said Johnson.

Johnson said he is an avid cyclist who has competed and participated in events all over the country. But this race is special because the motivation keeping him going for all 24 hours will be honoring his friend, Richard Hyde. He said any race takes motivation and determination, but when you think of a friend battling through something like cancer, and honoring them throughout the ride, it is a different kind of push for endurance.

â??Itâ??s just hard to watch one of your friends decline like that. But then , watching him come back and get stronger and say â??Hey, I lost a lost of things through this cancer, but you know what, itâ??s not going to hold me down,â?? so you know what, letâ??s get behind him and help support him and dedicate this ride to Dr. Richard Hyde.

Local bike shop Hills Sports Shop said they always see a spike in business, participation, enthusiasm, and attention for cycling right now around the time of the event. They not only have employees that will be participating but they will be set up at the event for repairs that riders may need. However, they said the reason they get involved is not for the promotion, or necessarily just because it is a cycling event, but for the cause.

â??Itâ??s just a great cause run by great people and you canâ??t say no to them,â?? said shop owner Kirk Hill. â??From where it started and from where it is now, it has to have some kind of impact on the community, because you know, it started off relatively small and now they are on borderline cutoff. Itâ??s incredible, itâ??s tremendous.â??

24 Hours in the Canyon starts May 31st and ends June 1st.