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      Residents head out to polling places for Saturday elections

      Amarillo residents went out and voted in Saturday??s election to support issues that were important to them.

      Officials say the day started off slow for some polling places. However, as the day went on more and more people showed up to exercise their right to vote, their reasoning all different for coming out.

      ??I promised Paul Harpole I??d vote for him 2 years ago when he made his speech out here,?? said Amarillo voter, Ron Norris. ??I kept my promise.??

      Another Amarillo resident says her biggest concern is getting the school bond ??I heard people say they??re going to vote against it but I??m going to vote for,?? said Joveta Cooper. ??I have a grandson and he??s going to be in school.??

      ??I??m here to support the mayor,?? said Mike Stumbo. ??I??m here to support the things that are on the ballot that are important to our city.??

      Some items including on Saturday??s ballot were elected officials, school bonds and board of regents and trustees. Exercising the right to vote is something many believe it something others shouldn??t take lightly.

      ??I think if you don??t exercise your right to vote, then you lose that right,?? said Stumbo.

      But not all residents felt as strongly about voting. One Amarillo resident said he didn??t vote in today??s election.

      ??I guess I haven??t made it a top priority. I have a lot of other things going on at my age and I??m really busy,?? said 21-year-old Eddie Green. ??Kids really don??t worry about that stuff yet until they get settled in and then that??s some of the things they worry about.??