Residents go barefoot for a day

Don't be alarmed if you see people out and about today... without shoes.

Today is "One Day Without Shoes" where hundreds of thousands of people show up to work, school and wherever else barefoot.

Organized by Tom's, the event hopes to encourage people to go barefoot for a day. By doing this, event organizers say they hope to draw attention to the number of children in developing countries who don't have adequate shoes.

"It means not only Tom's, but more so, awareness about issues such as poverty and lack of shoes," said Tyler Sweeney, a WT student. "As for WT, it means being part of something global, making an impact locally and seeing the change firsthand."

As part of West Texas A&M University's 21 Days of Change, students there will parade around with all ten toes on the ground. A Facebook event page has been set up with Student Government to help raise awareness of the day. In fact, those who go barefoot can register to win the Student Body President's parking space for two weeks.

It's all for a good cause, and of course we hope you don't have smelly feet if you choose to go barefoot!