Residents concerned after city's drinking water violation

Residents are concerned for Amarillo's water safety after receiving notices on the recent water monitoring violation.

Assistant Director of Utilities Floyd Hartman said the violation in May came as a result of equipment failure.

"We had a failure of the PH monitor, and we failed to get the PH reading on the 17 and 18," Hartman said.

"Hartman also said while the water still followed the same treatment procedure, the failure to record PH levels is a technique treatment violation according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Residents said while not recording the PH levels was not a huge matter, the possibility of the city missing something dangerous in the future poses a concern.

"That could be a problem because what if they miss recording something that could affect the residents on Amarillo," resident Jim Otto said.

Hartman said the water treatment process "occurred as usual" while the PH monitor stopped working.

"The water was still safe"

Residents said the city needs to be more aware of their procedures.

"If it's a requirement or procedure that requires them to do that on a daily basis, then they should be doing that," Otto said.

Hartman said they will re-evaluate back up processes to avoid this issue along with additional training for water plant employees.