Report shows thousands of workers have no workers compensation

According to a report called Build a Better Texas, 500,000 Texas workers have no coverage if they are injured on the job.

The information for the report was collected by the Worker's Defense Project and researchers from the University of Texas at Austin.

Texas is the only state in the nation that does not require state-provided workers compensation or a private equivalent. While Texas leads in job creation, it also leads in worker's deaths in the nation.

Amarillo resident Mark Janes said he was injured on the job last October in 2013 while lifting a stove.

Janes said he went to the doctor after getting injured.

"I went to the surgeon, and they said I had 2 hernias. I told him I was injured the day it happened on October 10," Janes said.

He said his boss initially stated ina written statement that Janes was injured on site on the day of the stove accident. In a second statement, Janes boss stated that Janes never told him he was injured the day of the incident.

Janes filed his employee injury claim and sent it to Texas Mutual. He said Texas Mutual then sent forms to his employer, but they never replied to the claim.

The report shows 60 percent of the workforce has never recieved safety training, and Janes said his employer would make them sign forms stating they did have safety training.

"I didn't get trained, but they would want us to sign a form saying we did," Janes said.

Janes also said they never had a supervisor on site, and said he never saw anyone inspecting the site.

"I never saw OSHA," Janes said.

According to the report, The Occupational Health and Safety Administration in 2012 had one OSHA inspector for every 104, 000 Texas worker.

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