Remembering 9/11: How air travel has changed

No fingernail clippers, taking off your shoes and belts, and no liquids over 3.4 ounces.

Those didn't use to be the case when you went to the airport, but all of them are regulations that were implemented, for safety reasons, after the attacks of 9/11.

Where were you on that fateful day?

Many people can recall the exact place and circumstances.

For those of you who were in an airport that day, you probably know exactly how, and why, airport security has been beefed up.

"It's night and day to what it was in 2001, in the last several months we haven't had any big changes in the process but there are always some minor changes and tweaks and most of the flying public would not be aware of," said Director of Aviation Pat Rhodes.

Security has gotten so tight, that you can't even bring a bottle of shampoo that's too big.

"I think the big things in that time frame would have been the controls on the liquids and things that you can or cannot take through the check point, you mention earlier having to remove the shoes and those are the big items."

But many people agree those strict searching regulations have reduced the terror threat in our country.

"Obviously we've seen a lot of changes in terms of security from removing of shoes to the full body scan, all of which does not bother me as long as it keeps us safe," said Anne McGarraugh.

For some people the searches have been inconvenient, or just simply ridiculous, but Anne, who has traveled frequently over the last ten years, says she doesn't mind.

"I just think it keeps people from trying things, so it doesn't bother me to have to, its just become routine, like when you first had to put on your seat belt it kind of felt crazy and now it feels weird to not a seat belt on."

As for changes in the security process, Rhodes says you definitely won't see any new ones this weekend, but there are always tweaks and small changes being made behind the scenes.

There is rumor that the removal of shoes and belts may be taken out but Rhodes says as of right now that is all just in discussion and nothing has changed at this moment.