'Remember the Wounded Ride' makes stop in Amarillo

Raising awareness for our wounded service men and women is the mission of one retired Marine. He is bicycling cross country to do just that, and made a stop in Amarillo Sunday.

At exactly 12:00 p.m. Sunday, "Remember The Wounded Ride" President Scot King made a rest stop in Amarillo. Traveling over 8,000 miles through 43 different states. Mile after mile, riding to help American veterans, and their families who've been wounded in the wars by spreading awareness.

"Our organization was designed and set up to help our combat wounded veterans and their families. Where the funds have been depleted and other resources have been depleted for them, they can come to us," said King.

Amarillo residents joined King in a ride into town from Highland Park. He was then welcomed by many, at the Ambassador Hotel.

The idea for the ride all began when King came across a homeless man, who was a retired Marine, and needed help.

"I had a life changing experience in 2009. There was a man digging through a trash can in downtown Portland, OR and he looked up at me and saw my hat and said, samprify, and he was a Marine, digging through a garbage can".

In that moment, his life changed forever.

"I gave this man some money, and my family, right away knew that it changed my life".

So, King began his journey in May 2011 and will continue until September 2012, ending in Salem, Oregon. Throughout his route he will request an American flag from each capital of each state. These flags will be presented in a very special ceremony, on or near Veterans Day in 2013.

To follow King's progress or to make a donation to the organization contact:

Remember The Wounded Ride, Inc

P.O. Box 33362

Portland, OR 97292

Or Email Remember The Wounded Ride, Inc at: