Relay for Life events kicks off in Canyon

Hundreds are gathering at the West Texas A&M Buffalo Sports Complex for this year's Relay for Life. All these people will come together with one goal in mind, finding a cure for cancer. A disease that has touched everyone's life in one way or another.

Jolenna Wright has been touched by cancer in many ways. She's been in remission 12 years, beating a rare form of internal melanoma. Years later she still remembers that moment in the hospital waiting to start chemotherapy.

"Going into the hospital sitting on the bed to sign paper work and all this damage that could to done to you," said Wright.

Wright was given a 20% survival rate. Not 7 months later her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer who unfortunately lost his battle. Friday night her family will walk in his memory and in celebration of her remission.

"I don't wish it on anybody. I hope they find a cure and it doesn't happen to anyone because cancer isn't just for an old person it starts with babies and it can be the elderly," said Wright.

That's the rallying hope behind Canyon's Relay for Life.

"It's huge it's a way to bring our community together to fight cancer to fund raise and make sure we get all the funds we need for research and to make sure we don't lose somebody else to cancer," said Beth Bizzini, Event Chair.

"This is an absolute bittersweet event. The emotions range from happiness to surviving cancer to tears for either going through the battle currently or have loss many loved ones," said Elexa Kahan, Event Co-Chair.

The event goes from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. It's family friendly and it's a come and go with food, music and other fun activities. This year more than 300 people are expected at the event and the committee said their goal is to raise at least $53,000.

You can donate to the American Cancer Society until August 30th, click here for more information.