Relax Inn denies claims of bed bugs

Michael True is recovering from bed bug bites he claims came from the Relax Inn off I-40.

"I was here for two nights and came across with these little bumps on my arm and couldn't figure o
ut what it was then I finally figured out they were bed bugs. I was looking at the little bitty red things moving around on the bed".

He says the motel staff is denying claims of pests in their rooms, after he notified the front desk receptionist
of the infestation. "At first he was like, we don't have bed bugs. I came back up here and grabbed one and took it back down there to him an put it on his little desk deal and he popped it and blood went everywhere and I said that's a bed bug".

Pronews 7 attempted to reach Relax Inn's manager. He did not return our call, but True says they did offer him a free nights
stay for the i

He says he just wants future guests to be aware of the uncomfortable problem. "I don't want anybody else going through what I'm going through right now. It hurts, it's not pleasant".

Brad T
urner, of Lady Bug Pest Control in Amarillo, says the Inn could have done things differently to avoid the bed bug problem. "They have to be extremely diligent with their housekeepers and inspecting and staying on top of it. And as soon as they find any evidence to make sure and get a professional out to treat it".


urner also says that any indication of bed bug sightings should be handled by trained pest professionals.