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      Reinvestment zone created for Potter County wind farm

      P otter County has been asked to create a reinvestment zone that would allow a wind farm to come into the area.

      " O f course we are very excited about the economic impact it will have on our economy , " said Potter County Commissioner Joe Kirkwood.

      I t is the High Majestic Wind II, and it will have 51 turbines capable of producing 79.6 megawatts of wind energy.

      " A megawatt is enough to power about 350 average households , " said AJ Swope with Class4Winds.

      S o the majestic project could power more than 27 ,000 homes.

      R ight now, the Texas Panhandle gets its power in many ways -- including from several wind farms, coal facilities and natural gas facilities.

      " I 'm not specifically getting wind power at my home and you're not specifically getting coal at yours ," said Swope. "I t's a mix that we're all using."

      P otter County officials are looking into a property tax abatement to make the project a reality.

      " B asically what a tax abatement is, is an economic tool ," said Dave Kemp, the assistant Potter County attorney. "T he county reaches an agreement with a business and it basically says, you come in and build new construction, whatever you build that's new, ordinarily would be taxable, and for a period of time-it can't be longer than ten years-we'll give you a tax break."

      B ut several factors will go into Potter County's decision.

      " B ased on the size, we'll determine what the best tax abatement will be ," said Kirkwood. "I t may not be the full amount they're asking for. It will be based on the size and what their future plans will be."

      A decision will be made by the end of the month.