Region 16 students educate others on the dangers of distracted driving

The Ford Family is taking the tragedy of losing their daughter, and turning it into a way to educate others. For one thing, the family has started a scholarship fund in her memory.

Allyson Grace Ford was killed on September 28, 2012 in a car accident as a results of playing on her phone while driving. Now, her family is challenging students to create posters to help educate others about the dangers of distracted driving.

Ford, a recent graduate from Channing Independent School District, was attending West Texas A&M University when she was killed. In light of that tragedy, her family is on a mission to prevent that from happening to others, developing The Angel's Grace Scholarship Fund.

"The family felt so strongly that there needed to be something out there to just stress the importance of we just can't be behind the wheel and multi-tasking," said Connie McLain, Channing ISD Teacher.

The scholarship fund is open to all Region 16 students. To become eligible, they're asking them to create posters that educate others about the dangers of distracted driving.

"I've land it out drawn it, I've even got on the computer and laying it out to see what all I need," said Katie Van Sickel, Channing ISD 12th Grader.

"I've already started my poster it's going to have basically little notes saying it can wait and may be some facts about what the percentage of accidents are caused by texting and driving," said Matthew Muniz, Channing ISD 11th Grader.

"I asked some of the guys, has this made a difference in your driving behavior and without hesitation they said absolutely. And I know for myself as well it has. And I have several times just pulled over on the side of the road if I absolutely had to talk to someone," said McLain.

"Even when I think about it, I always think of the bracelet thatâ??s on my wrist that says don't text and drive thats in memory of Allyson and it just reminds me to put it down, you can answer it when you get home," said Van Sickel.

For the students they say, the scholarship money would come in handy.

"I actually want to go to Texas A&M University and with it being a state school and so far away I think that money would really benefit me and hoping one day I can become a veterinarian," said Cassidie Coke, Channing ISD 12th.

The student body at West Texas A&M University will pick the winners next month. First place will get a $1000 scholarship. Second place will get $500.

For more information and an entry form to participate, click here.