Region 16 Spotlight: Students win video contest

Two months ago, Pronews 7 told about a KACV video contest.

Students and schools were submitting videos encouraging classmates to stay in school.

Thursday, the winners were announced.

There were a dozen winners in all. But one of the big prizes goes to Claude, first place in the "Classroom" category.

It's this week's

Region 16

Spotlight Education report.

"What would be the consequences of you not maybe getting your high school diploma,"said Gabriel Carrier,

Claude High School


With that idea in mind, Malorie Homen's class at Claude High School came up with this video.

A 60 second video, with the simple message, "Don't Lock Up Your Dreams, Stay in School".

"I just started thinking about what would happen to my life if I was ever to get out of high school or quit and there wouldn't be much going on if you didn't have a high school diploma and then go off to college and be successful with your life," said Seth Skarke, Claude High School student.

KACV had four categories, individual, group, class and special salute. Claude won the class award, earning a cash prize that the students have chosen to spend on more equipment for their technology classroom.

"We're just going to try to use it for some cameras, for some stuff we could use for our class to make better videos than we did," said Carrier.

The student-made videos will also be featured on KACV. They also have been invited to take tour of the studio.

"We're all really excited about getting to go down there and see how they just get to work with all their equipment and maybe it will help us in our classes," said Lauren Little, Claude High School student.

To see a complete list and view all the winners videos,

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