Region 16 Spotlight Education: Volunteer Recipient of Heroes for Children Award

I t's an honor awarded to a few selected Texas public school volunteers. One of those chosen is from Texhoma Elementary.

Elizabeth Melgar has been volunteering at Texhoma Elementary for 2 years. Earlier this month, she became the proud recipient of the State Board of Education Heroes for Children Award. Pronews 7 is highlighting her volunteerism in this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

Elizabeth Melgar is one of 14 volunteers chosen to receive the Texas Heroes for Children Award. Melgar, a mother of three, says she has a strong belief that everyone should give back to their community, and what better way than at her children's school." I think children are our future and I think that supporting them and having help them so their self esteem is high, that was something I could help with and encourage them to study hard so they can be our future ," said Melgar.

Those at the elementary say Melgar goes above and beyond to help their school and that's why they nominated her for this distinguished award.

"She has put so much time and so much effort into our kids and she doesn't have to , " said Jeanne Flanagan, Assistant Principal Texhoma Elementary.

Flanagan says as school budgets tighten and classroom sizes shrink, it's volunteers like Melgar that help free up teachers so they can spend a little more one on one time with students who need it.

" S he's really been a blessing to have Liz with us because a lot of times our teachers would like that extra time to have the one on one help with our children, it frees our teachers to flow though the classroom find the children that need that extra help," said Flanagan.

" B eing a volunteer here and I enjoy it and I can see the children's face when they come up and say, I can do it, I can do it. It's something I can keep on my heart for my whole life , " said Melgar.

She will be presented with her award on the 14th in Austin. By the way, Melgar also volunteers through the school district to teach Spanish to English speaking parents and vice versa.